Many Leaders, One Body- Working Together

What an amazing day! It was beautiful to serve the immigrants with all these beautiful people.

We all met at a Police station. I must say, I honor our Police Officers first and for most. They have stay the course and are to be recognized. God Bless our Officers! At this police station there was such piece and harmony. When I think of police station, I think of tension and being on guard, and even analyzing situations. But at this police station, there was such a piece and a calmness and no chaos.
Let me explain a little more here. When immigrants get to Chicago they’re taken through a registration process. Once they’re registered, they are sent to a police station. They come with the clothes on their back and maybe a bag or a backpack. Once they arrive, different organizations come out and they are given a blanket and toiletries. The police provide a meal daily and there are organizations that come out to feed these immigrants until they are shifted out of the police station to a shelter. If the immigrant is a single male they are sent to a police station where there are single males. If they have a family, they are sent to a police station where there are families.

It is such an honor to serve them.
I am truly enjoying volunteer work with other leaders. We leaders are better together. We bring our resources, gifts, talents; more of all, we are able to show love.  And I get to meet new leaders throughout the region. Good people coming out to serve the least and unfortunate. There is such purpose in serving others. It keeps you grounded and humbled. More than that, it shows you how to be compassionate and empathetic towards others.
In dire situations, it shows the light of God in grim and dark situations. You come in as luminating light that shows the love of Jesus. Grateful to do what I do.
#Immigrants #Jesus #loves #you #compassion One body different churches. Love covers a multitude of sin. Image at the bottom is an image of the police station. Outreach date: November 18, 2023

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