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It was an honor to serve you with Pastor Rod from Michigan City, Indiana, he and his wife and team came out.  As I arrived, many others arrived to serve along side him from different churches and different organizations. It was amazing to see a seamless service to the migraines. They were fed, love on, prayed for; and were given necessities that were needed. God you get the glory! Thank you to all who donated. We were able to give out coats, shoes, clothes, gloves, scarves, hats, socks and lots of toiletries.

I cried when I went home. Because the fact of the matter is there living outside on air mattresses on cement floors outside of the police station. This should not be normalized. It breaks my heart.  And in spite of their situation, they had joy, kindness, humility and gratitude.  #help #Jesus #hands #feet #restore #redeemer #grace, #merciful #Light #world #love #like #Jesus #Chicago #immagrents

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