God is a miracle worker. He grew out a leg?!

I went to a conference in April 2023. The glory of the Lord was evident. His weighty glory was so strong. 2 Cor. 4:17. The atmosphere  was miraculous for signs and wonders. We were worshipping God for hours. It was beautiful to say the least. We then took a break until the evening session.  “That’s when I asked one of the Leaders if I could pray for her. I noticed she had a limp. ‘she said, Yes!” I began to asked God to grow out her leg. I can laterally see the leg grow out. I was astonished to witness this, but I still noticed she had a limp. I then phoned a friend and asked what could this be? She said, ask if she has metal in her hip. THAT WAS IT! I then commanded for the metal to be dissolved. We all began to believe for the miracle and started to cry and rejoice all at once. Halleluiah!!! To God be the glory! Thank you Jesus!!! Our God is a limitless God. She later on was walking better.

She a few days later put this post on social media. Yes Lord!


Ok so ummm Prophetess Lisette Paez laid hands on me, grew out my left leg in front of folks AND spoke to my hip and prophesied that the metal in my hip from the replacement would dissolve. Y’all I walked around that conference room without a ling i a love you sis eyes haven’t seen and ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of men what the most high God Yahweh will do through you!!!

Miracles, signs and wonders

Prayer Mountain Summit 2023

Prayer Mountain 2023

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